1 Advocacy

Proposing policies, negotiating with government ministries and agencies, and lobbying

Reforming policies and regulations in the national level, and connecting it with the efforts of local level is a key to ensure the rights of migrants and people with foreign nationalities. Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan plays an important role in connecting the both.


2 Networking

Organizing National Forum and Workshop, and campaigning with an Asian regional network

We share information and organize campaigns and events with domestic, Asian and international NGOs.  We are working on projects concerning migrant women’s rights, foreign Technical Intern Trainees, medical and welfare issues, discrimination, and Immigration Control Act. The International Human Rights Division is working on utilizing international human rights treaties and building networks with Asian and other international NGOs.  We also launch emergency actions to respond to situations. We utilize our network to implement these activities.

 3 Publicity

Disseminating information and publishing books

We disseminate information regarding migrants to raise awareness among public.

・Publishing”Migrants Network” (Japanese) –monthly magazine taking up current issues surrounding migration and migrants in Japan and elsewhere.

・Publishing Policy Proposals, Survival Manual (Japanese-English. Japanese-Chinese), Booklets, and many other books and articles regarding migrants.

・Using Home-page (Japanese and English) and social networks to reach out wider audiences interested in migrant issues.


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